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Your Own Profitable Store. No Royalties.

YSOTC points you in the right direction from the first handwritten design to the moment you turn the key on opening day of your ice cream, yogurt, gelato, bubble tea, smoothies, pita, coffee shop, restaurant and juice bar. No franchise fees. No royalty fees..

YSOTC is a full-service consulting company specializing in equipment, design, training and products for the food industry. We offer a variety of innovative, proven training and development tools for ongoing monthly profits for new and existing concepts. Let our experience launch your venture to success, ongoing profitability and a rapid return on your investment.

Start your project with us today. Have our experience on your side. We will help you avoid costly mistakes and delays through our flat fee ongoing consulting fees starting at only $4800.00

Start Your Own Ice Cream Store, Frozen Yogurt Store, Coffee Shop

New and Existing Store Consulting 

Start your own store.  No franchise fees.  No ongoing royalty fees. You keep all of your sales and profits! Consultants for all areas of new and existing ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato, smoothie, juice bar, bubble tea, frozen dessert, pita shop, cafe and restaurant business. Our experience provides a unique range of operational services and consulting products. Our experience as Innovative Food and Operations Consultants and our passion for 'What's Hot' enable us to present solutions that increase frequency, and generate new revenue streams. Whether planning your food and labor costs or launching a new marketing campaign we have you covered.  Start your new profitable concept with us or ask us for help on making your current concept, store, cafe, juice bar or restaurant wildly profitable month after month.
Concept Developement
Creative and intelligent solutions

Preliminary Lay-Outs
Floor Plans and Permits 
Interior Design and Decor
Food Menu & Preparation.

On-Demand Store Training

Pre-opening Training
Employee Hiring
Employee Training
Equipment Training
Recipe Development
Management Training

Start Your Own Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Gelato Store
Store Operations
Smooth Profitable Operation Every Day

Operation Standards & Controls (SOP)
Process Improvement
Supply Chain
Store Cleaning & Maintenance
Inventory Control
Store Evaluations
Serve Safe Food Safety

Graphics and Marketing
Graphic Design and Local Store Marketing

Menu Board Design
Logos, Uniforms
Promotional Items / Loyalty Programs
Advertising / Social Media
Target audience/demographics

Start Your Own Business.  Make Money.  Make Ongoing Profits.

Since 2010, Over $200 Million In New Profits for our Customers and Counting


Avoid These Four Common Mistakes

at all costs: no matter what.

“Don’t make the mistake of going in alone and unprepared. Going in alone and unprepared is a recipe for disaster. You make one mistake and you are going to jeopardize the success of your entire business.”

“Don’t make the mistake of buying an expensive franchise (become a slave and pay royalties for the rest of your life).”

“Don’t make the mistake of spending tons of monies on bad layouts and designs that DON'T work. We give you proven layouts and designs from professionals with great track record.”

“Don’t make the mistake of buying high-priced equipment. There is a better option. We show you how and Save You Tens of Thousands of Dollars on your foodservice equipment. Guaranteed.  This feature alone is worth the price of admission!”